Areitos your way to success

Connect, Communicate, Celebrate

Communicate and celebrate your achievements engaging your community by posting photos, news and updates on the social wall.

Professional Branding

Promote professional branding and information sharing.

Connect and Communicate instantly

Connect and Communicate instantly with your mobile workforce using push-notifications and alerts.

Bring your “whole self ” to work

Offer your employees the opportunity to showcase their personal backgrounds and pride: race/ ethnicity, veteran, disability, LGBT status and other backgrounds.

Affinity Groups and Department Pages

Support employees resource groups or affinity groups activities.

Promote and market internal business units and functional departments.

Company Events

Promote events inside and outside the organization.

Post jobs and recruit internally

Post jobs and internships and enhance your internal recruiting.

Professional Development

Offer and promote on-going professional development and training opportunities.

Communicate and engage with your employees

Engage employees and promote communication through our blogging feature.

Policies and Procedures

Keep your policies and procedures visible at all times.


Allow your employees or community members connect with other professionals and foster mentor relationships throughout the organization.

Technical Features

  • Internal hosting or Cloud based - private or hybrid.
  • Web and mobile - Web, Android and iOS.
  • APIs - Integration with your identity management systems, websites and any other company systems.
  • Full Company branding - Deploy your own app.
  • Internal advertising.
  • Customizations available to suit your needs.

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